Soyabean Milk Machine

Soya Milk Machine

These days soya milk machine or Soya milk-making machine is used in India. Soya milk and soya-related products are very much consumed by these days. Infect people are looking for soya products as an alternative to cow and buffalo milk. Before knowing the benefits of soya milk and soya product. Let’s you Know What is Soya milk?

Soya milk extract from the Soya bean with the help of a Soya milk extractor. The material uses for making the soya milk-making machine is stainless steel. Sometimes Soya milk-making machine is also known as Soya bean-making machine.

A complete soya milk plant designed with different parts as mention below

1.) Soya milk grinder and seprator:-

Soya milk grinder is the main part of the Soya milk-making machine. It is working on 220 volts, single phase. Its RPM is 2800. This can work in automatic soya milk machines and semi-automatic soya milk machines. The power consumption of the soya milk grinder is less than 300watt. The metal used for the design is stainless steel. soybean milk grinding machine price is depending on the size.

2.) Soya milk Boiler:- Boiler in Soybean milk machine can work on steam and electricity. So it can be manufacture as per need. If you are looking for a soya milk machine commercial. Steam boiler is best. if you are looking best soya milk machine price in India then you can buy from here. Because if you use an electric boiler then the cost of the product will increase.

3.) Sterilizer:- Strealizer used to boil the milk. you must consider it is also an important part of the Soyabean milk making machine.

4.) Paneer Press Machine:- Paneer making machine also known as paneer press machine. Types of Paneer press machine are

1.) Automatic Paneer press machine

2.) Semi-automatic paneer press machine

3.) Manual paneer press machine

There is so many soya milk manufacturer in India. As the soya bean products demand are increasing. Soya milk machine in India demand also increasing.

There are different types of products are soya bean, some of them mention below

(a) Soya milk

(b) Soya dahi or soya curd

(c) Soya paneer

(d) Soya Chaap or soya chap

(5.) Vacuum Packing Machine